Buyer Benefits

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25% Buyer Cash Back Program

Our Cash Back Program rewards buyers with up to 25% of the commissions we earn when you buy your home through us. The quicker you find your home the more money you get back, whether buying a home listed on the MLS® System, a new build, or a for-sale-by-owner.

Licensed REALTOR®

A licensed REALTOR® acts both as a trusted advisor and as a third non-emotional intermediary, ensuring you make smart decisions. The value of an experienced and ethical REALTOR® is immeasurable.

Market Watch

Our focus is ensuring you understand the market that you are looking in and the true market value of the home you wish to purchase. However, the market is very fluid and can change quickly. Our market watch was designed to keep you informed of potential changes that might affect your purchase.


Did you know?

Most buyer assume they will save money by going directly to the listing agent when in fact the listing agent is obligated to get their sellers the highest price possible. It is one reason why Realtors working with Seller Invite try to avoid this situation.

Did you know?

The number one complaint we get from buyers is that they did all the leg work and their agent stepped in at the last minute to negotiate the deal and benefited from the full commissions paid on the deal. That’s money paid for by the buyer. And factored into a 25 year mortgage can end up being a significant amount of money.

Did you know?

In 2010 SellerInvite was the first fully licensed real estate company in Canada to offer buyers up to 75% of the commissions we earn when you buy a home directly though us.