Why Make SellerInvite™ Your Career Choice?

We are redefining the role of the REALTOR® as an educator and consultant, not a sales person. At the heart of our company and every one of our packages is the REALTOR®, ready to empower your clients to buy and sell smart.”

— Rod Thompson, Broker/Owner, SellerInvite™

Full Administrative Support

You have the support of an entire administrative team at your fingertips, and access to consistent, proven systems and tools. We focus on the minors, so you can focus on the majors. This effective structure empowers you to do what you do best — connect with your clients, build relationships, and grow your business. The more clients you have, the more exposure you have.

Life Balance

Most importantly, our agents have the flexibility and assistance they require to achieve a life balance rarely found in the industry. We know that just like our clients, agents have different needs and wants, and SellerInvite™ is the first to identify this and create options that fit you.

Earn More Income

You have the ability to offer your clients more choice and support, and more freedom and value. By offering clients more choice in how they sell and how much service you provide, agents are able to dramatically increase their deal volume and have an advantage on the competition. That means more income and more opportunity to grow your business. Our new premium package offers clients superior service, marketing and exposure with fees in line with traditional commissions. More service. More success. More income.

Undiluted Brand

Our exclusive, undiluted and innovative brand allows you to stand out in the market, not only because we offer incredible value and extremely high service, but also because we recruit solid agents and limit the number of agents working in an area. This promotes a non-competitive team environment, where everyone works together to reach their maximum potential. Ask about our Own Your Neighbourhood Program.

Training Programs

At SellerInvite™ we will take the time to invest in you. Upon joining our team, we immediately schedule training sessions with various partners to train you in the following:

  • SellerInvite™ Packages and Ideologies
  • CMA Shadow
  • Administrative Set-up and Coordination
  • Marketing Strategies and Coordination

Paid Upfront

Agents often say they charge higher fees to compensate for homes that don’t sell, which is not fair to the consumer or the agent. With our upfront fee packages, you get paid when your client lists.

Buyer Leads

We offer Buyer Leads regularly to our Team Agents on rotation, or first come first serve by the Own Your Own Neighbourhood Program.

Commission Option

We offer the client a commission option which is close to the traditional model. Offering the commission option means more on the bottom line for you.

More Service, More Income

Sellers have no trouble paying for more service, as long as they are truly receiving it. Premium packages offer more service, but will generate closer to traditional fees. Sellers are getting more and are happier for it, and you are compensated for it.

“Having the support of the SellerInvite team allows me to provide a level of customer service to my clients that I never could have imagined. And it allows me to focus on doing more business and spending more time away from the job.”

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