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Unit Sales Up From February 2019

Comparing to last month all unit sales up across all categories. Year to date sales were down 13.19% compared to March 2018. 

Average unit prices rose last month, relative to February, but are down slightly from March 2018.

 Single Family Homes

  • Average price was $423,451 decreased 1.5% from last month.
  • Highest priced single family home sold at $2,985,000.
  • Average days on market was 66 days. 


  • Average price was $213,856.
  • Highest priced condo sold at $629,900.
  • Average days on market for condos was 77 days. 


  • Average price was $334,440.
  • Highest priced duplex/rowhouse sold at $609,250.
  • Average days on market for duplex/rowhouses was 65 days. 

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Pricing your home properly in this Edmonton Real Estate Market is the single most important thing you will have to do if you want to sell your home. Each day sellers are looking for advice and searching for that magic pill, but there isn’t one. I can however tell you what won’t sell your home! My face on a bus stop will not sell your home. Just listed cards will not sell your home. They might get me a few more listings but I feel I should earn my business in other ways.  So what will sell your home? Exposure to the whole market will help sell your home. Understanding the market and where you stand in it will help sell your home and proper pricing will help too. Independently they may seem small, but put these together and you have an excellent formula for

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As we come out of the slower winter months, February here in Edmonton has seen an increase in unit sales and prices. This is a typical jump we see as we move towards the spring market.

This February unit sales in Edmonton were up across all categories from January 2019:

  • Single family homes increased 23.31%.
  • Condo sales increased 26/05%.
  • Duplex/row-houses increased 17.53%.

Residential categories were down 11.01% from February 2018:

  • Single family homes decreased 2.73%.
  • Condo sales decreased 6.62%.
  • Duplex/row-houses decreased 9.60%.

Average unit prices since January 2019:

  • Single-family homes average price was $430,000 which is an increase of 6.36%.
  • Condo price averages was $222, 267 which is an increase
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Getting financing can be a daunting process. It’s time consuming (and sometimes intimidating) going from bank to bank, and can be disappointing when you can’t afford the home you were hoping for. Or when you are refused financing. To help us out with this post, we’ve asked Narish Maharaj, a Mortgage Associate with Dominion Mortgage Pros, for advice on finding a mortgage that works best for your situation. All Canadian lending institutions follow national lending rules, but where they differ is with their own internal lending policies. Often times, borrowers are denied a mortgage or take out a smaller mortgage than what they can otherwise afford purely because of policy which can be different from one bank to another, Narish explains. As a mortgage

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edmonton homeowner rebates

The Home Buyers Plan (HBP) 

  • This program allows you to withdraw up to $25,000 from your RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) to buy or build a new home.
“What is the home buyers plan? “

Home Buyers Tax Credit

With the Line 369 Home Buyers Amount you can claim up to $5,000 for the purchase of a qualifying home in the year if both of the following apply:

  • You or your spouse or common-law partner acquired a qualifying home
  • You did not live in another home owned by you or your spouse or common-law partner in the year of
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In Edmonton, people just like you are taking the leap into home ownership every single day.  But, ensuring that you move into a home that you absolutely love relies on you taking the time to identify the features that matter most to you to ensure that you never compromise on your wants and needs amid the thrill of becoming a homeowner.  Those small details that you hesitantly agree to overlook when confirming your offer, can grow to become your biggest regrets later on, so it pays to know what you want and to be certain that you are true to your own wishes.

Before you look at the listings

Chances are that if you dare to start considering your home choices by consulting the listings, you might find yourself mis-directed off course sooner than you

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reno find pic 4 (house with money)

Renovating To Sell Your Home Tips From RenovationFind  Home improvements can do a lot to market your home for sale. Not only can some home renovations increase your property value, it will also increase interest among potential buyers. Home buyers are first attracted to the way your home looks in it’s listing and some are more likely to make an offer if they feel the home is ‘move in ready’. Renovating to sell your home is a much different process than renovating to enjoy living in your home for the next several decades. Spend too much money and you might not recoup your costs. Spend too little and your upgrades can look cheap or like they’re covering something up. So, the general ground rule when renovating to sell is to not spend more money than you

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