The Top Four Advantages of Using a Flat Fee Broker

[two_third] Not that long ago, the only active debate for homeowners thinking of selling their property was whether it was a buyer’s or a seller’s market. There was really no need to explore the possibilities to explore options in the relationship with their REALTOR ® as that was one constant that couldn’t be negotiated. You … Read more

Which MLS ® Zones Make Up Edmonton?

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Edmonton Home Prices for 2016

[two_third] Uncertainty in the oil industry at the close of 2015 had many predicting doom and gloom for the real estate market in Edmonton. While many cities across Alberta did see large fluctuations in their markets, the decline predicted for Edmonton turned out to be far from the mark. One report in December had predicted … Read more

A User Guide To Edmonton MLS ®

[two_third] Whether you are buying or selling, the transaction surrounding the transfer of a home from one owner to another is serious business. For the home buyer, they may be looking at the purchase as the investment in their dream home – a property that they will relish for the rest of their lives. For … Read more

Is It A Good Time To Sell Your Home In Edmonton?

The wind whistling through the bare tree branches in the middle of our sometimes unforgiving Canadian winters may be the time when many home sellers consider selling and moving to more balmy climes that have never seen a snow shovel. However, on the flipside, few home buyers would be excited about the prospect of buying … Read more