Thomas Harrington

Associate Broker, REALTOR®


Office: 780-994-9998

Thomas comes from a background of entrepreneurship and accounting. Having been self employed since age 21, he started his first venture while attending MacEwan University in Edmonton. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Thomas chose to pursue a career in real estate over his trade of accounting.

During his time as a student entrepreneur he saw massive potential in the real estate industry as the business appeared to be lacking on its use of current technology and slow to change. Taking the less common path of entering real estate directly after graduating university, Thomas started on a large team at one of the “Big Brand” traditional real estate brokerages. Despite some early success, the traditional business model still felt dated and slow to change. Searching for a better alternative, he switched to an alternate fee model real estate brokerage. The benefits of this model were immediately clear and he quickly saw the benefit a lower fee business model.

Thomas has worked on the alternate fee structure side of the real estate business for some time now. Ultimately he aligned himself with SellerInvite due to the amount of options that were provided to consumers. Not only is it about commission savings and finding a better way to do real estate, but having better ways to positively impact the lives of home sellers and buyers.