Freedom and Choice

Freedom & Choice – No other real estate company in Canada offers sellers more freedom or choice than SellerInvite.

Freedom to Choose How You Sell

At SellerInvite, home owners can choose to sell by owner or have a REALTOR® fully represent them throughout the entire transaction. All of our packages come complete with unlimited MLS® System and exposure and an Honest Home Valuation by a licensed REALTOR®, to ensure you understand what your home is really worth in today’s market.


Freedom to Sell By Owner

Lets say someone without a REALTOR® approaches you to buy your home directly, what happens then? With SellerInvite, those fees that would have been paid to that other REALTOR® become yours! Big savings.


Freedom to Choose Cooperating Commissions

SellerInvite was the first in Canada to provide sellers with the freedom to choose the commissions being offered to cooperating REALTORS®. It doesn’t mean you have to offer less than what has traditionally been offered, it simply means you have the choice.

Tell Me More About Offering Different Commissions

If you choose to offer lower commissions then the most obvious benefit is the savings. If you choose to offer higher commissions then it may be an opportunity to stand out from your competition. Having the freedom to choose your commissions can also provide sellers with another tool if negotiations become difficult.

Freedom to Choose Your Level of Service

SellerInvite offers two different levels of service to choose from. All packages include unlimited and MLS® System exposure and an Honest Home Valuation by a licensed REALTOR®.

  • By Owner Package: Perfect for those who want to save money and sell their home on their own but need the exposure of the MLS® System and
  • Professional Package: Complete REALTOR® support, from the time you list to the time you sell — and you pay a fraction of what you would pay a traditional REALTOR®. Our most popular package!
  • Premium Package: Complete REALTOR® support, with extra marketing like virtual tours. Excellent for rural properties, or homes with a lot of features to show.
  • Negotiable Commission: This packages offers the highest level of REALTOR® service and exposure, with no upfront fee.

Why Choice is Important?
For years sellers have had little say in the manner in which they sell their home. If you sold by owner you were limited to the exposure and service you would get. Choose a REALTOR® and you would get the exposure and sometimes the service, but the cost was excessive. With SellerInvite you get the highest level of service and exposure at a price that makes sense.

Freedom to Choose How You Pay

SellerInvite gives you the freedom to pay a fee up front when your home goes on the market, or a commission once your home sells. Either way, the savings are significant.

Our clients love to refer us. In fact, over 50% of our business comes from referrals.

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