Home Selling Formula

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The SellerInvite.com Guaranteed Home Selling Formula* gets to the core of what it really takes to sell your home. It’s designed to make you more familiar with the selling process and by doing so, allows you to make smarter decisions faster.

SellerInvite.com will help you in understanding these elements, how important each of their roles are and how one cannot work without the other, makes for a much more positive selling experience and sheds light on why it shouldn’t cost so much to sell your home. It allows you to understand why high fees seldom translate into good service, and more importantly, why high fees seldom translate into positive results.



Awareness is the primary reason you hire an experienced REALTOR®. Without awareness you cannot price your home properly, nor can you make smart selling decisions or react to the changes that may be occurring within your market. Your REALTOR® is your expert.



With awareness you can properly price your home in any market under any conditions. Your REALTOR® will advise you on proper positioning, but ultimately it’s up to you to determine your home’s asking price.



You can have a solid understanding of the market and a properly priced home, but if buyers don’t see your home then it won’t sell. Exposure exists on three levels, local, national and international. The MLS® System exposes you to all three.



The most important element of the SellerInvite.com formula is YOU. You have to be realistic, proactive and reactive. After all, it’s your money, it’s your home, and it’s your smart decisions that will ultimately determine your success.

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