REALTOR® Services

Our reduced commission selling packages, with unrestricted access to the EREB’s MLS System, gives sellers the freedom to choose different levels of REALTOR® services while providing significant savings.

Licensed REALTOR®

A licensed REALTOR® acts both as a trusted advisor and as a third non-emotional intermediary, ensuring you make smart decisions. The value of an experienced and ethical REALTOR® is immeasurable.

Honest Home Valuation

Having an honest understanding of what your home’s true market value is allows you to make smarter selling decisions and to react quicker to any changes that might occur in that market. It also means selling quicker and getting a higher price.

Professional Quality Photography

We believe real estate photography should give potential sellers both a sense of the interior space, and the warmth of the home. You have put a lot of love and care into your home, and we want that to show up in the listing. We use professional equipment including wide angle lenses with minimal distortion. This gives our photos a very clean, evenly lit look, and really makes potential buyer want to come out for a look in person.  

Licensed Support Team

The process of listing and selling a home is extensive. From setting up the initial appointment to ensuring your listing is correctly entered, to getting all the proper documents to lawyers and brokers. Having a team is essential in making your process of selling or buying more enjoyable. SellerInvite’s support team is led by a licensed broker, helping to ensure things go smoothly.

Consultative Approach

To sell a house, the owner needs to come to terms with what the property is actually worth at that moment in time in the market. It may not be what the owner wants to hear, but we believe its important the home owner know our honest opinion at the beginning of the process. We are not salespeople, we are consultants. The difference is SellerInvite REALTORS® provide the knowledge you need to navigate the selling process confidently, leading our clients to more satisfying transactions.

Computerized Key Safe

A computerized lock box not only safely holds your home’s key so REALTORS® can access your home, but it allows you to track who the REALTOR® was and when they went they entered. It also allows SellerInvite to track activity and seek feedback on your home, so we can better advise you.

Market Watch

Our focus is ensuring owners understand the housing market their listing is in and the realistic market value of the property today. The housing market is very fluid and can change quickly. Our Market Watch is designed to keep you informed of potential changes that might affect your sale.

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