Is It A Good Time To Sell Your Home In Edmonton?

Is it a good time to sell your home in Edmonton?

The wind whistling through the bare tree branches in the middle of our sometimes unforgiving Canadian winters may be the time when many home sellers consider selling and moving to more balmy climes that have never seen a snow shovel. However, on the flipside, few home buyers would be excited about the prospect of buying and moving into a home under those blustery conditions. So the question remains, when is it a good time to sell your home?

First Consider The Market

Alberta’s resource-based economy often creates speculation about what any fluctuations in the oil markets may have on the real estate industry. Fortunately for Edmonton, despite a rocky forecast in recent years, the market has remained stable with a steady growth in both the construction of new homes as well as the aggregate pricing on the available inventory. That’s great news for sellers who are looking to reap the reward of their foresight to invest in real estate. The first month of 2017 saw a brisk activity in the market and increased sales over the same period last year with no indications that there will be a change in that trend moving into the summer. From a market perspective, all signs look good for those home owners looking to sell now.

What the Data Tells Us

Selling your home can sometimes be as simple as putting the right product on the market at the right time. You want to get the best offer in the fewest days on the market possible. So what data is available to identify when is the best time to list your home?

While Spring is the time when many buyers may be thinking about a move, it is important to be aware that when the buyers are active, the inventory of available properties increases. For families with school-aged children, a spring purchase that allows for a move during the summer vacation to allow the household to get familiar with their new neighbourhood before the start of a new school year.

Stand out from the Crowd

In times of increased competition, it pays to have an industry expert in your corner to help with an accurate market assessment of your property’s value, insight on what amenities of your home may be among the most sought after, and how to get your listing in front of those buyers that are most likely to buy. This is where SellerInvite can provide the greatest assistance to home sellers to assist with unlocking the power of the Multiple Listing System to help you sell your home. With a variety of fee options which break away from traditional commissions, not only will you get the expertise you need, but also at a cost which ensures that you’ll retain the greatest dividend possible on your sale.

Thinking About Selling?

If you are thinking about selling your home in 2017, you owe it to yourself to give our team a call for a no obligation consultation to tap into our expertise with the Edmonton real estate market and help you to best position yourself for success in your next sale. From services which allow you to take the lead in a “Sale by Owner” situation or for a more comprehensive relationship and personal service with a dedicated team member working for you, SellerInvite is committed to ensuring your success in your next home sale. Do you have questions? We invite you to contact us for answers that allow you to sell with confidence.

Originally Written by Kat Halushka.

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