Now Sell Your Home for Just 1%

SellerInvite is proud to announce that we have just gotten better. SellerInvite has been from day one the industry leader when it comes to service, innovation and value. Our selling packages are now simpler to understand and the value we provide has increased dramatically.

Starting in 2017 our Professional selling package is a simple 1%. No fees up front, no time restrictions, and like before sellers can terminate their listing with us at any time. Now if you sell your home with us, our fee for our services is simply 1% of your selling price. Sell your home for $350,000 and our fee is an easy $3500. That’s a dramatic savings over traditional real estate fees and if you don’t sell your home you pay nothing.

If you want to sell your home privately or by-owner then SellerInvite is still the smartest way to do it. Our $599 By Owner and $999 By Owner Plus Pro packages provide complete and unlimited exposure to the MLS System® with no restrictions on photos or time on REALTOR.CA®.

Thinking of selling or buying a home or know someone who is? Then check out our new website at or call us at 780-994-9998 to book an appointment with one of our experienced REALTORS®.

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